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Hi-Rise Team


Enhancing Statistics Teacher Education with E-Modules

The ESTEEM project, funded by the NSF, aims to…

Create online resources for statistics preservice teacher education

Design modules and approaches for using these resources

Implement resources and modules in undergraduate mathematics teacher education programs.



In addition to the HiRise Staff, the following people are working on this project:


Hollylynne Stohl Lee, Principal Investigator
Professor of Mathematics and Statistics Education
STEM Education Department, NC State University

Hollylynne’s work focused on statistics education began with developing the Probability Explorer software and conducting research on learners’ ability to reason about probabilistic phenomena through a simulation approach. Her current work focuses on preparing teachers of statistics to use innovative approaches and powerful technology tools to engage learners in building statistical understandings, particularly through the design and implementation of online professional learning environments. Her work has led to numerous books, research publications, and awards. In 2013 she was named a NC State University Faculty Scholar, and in 2014 received an Alumnae Association Outstanding Teacher award. She is a two time awardee of the National Technology Leadership Initiative Fellowship (2002, 2012), co-sponsored by the Association of Mathematics Teacher Education [AMTE] and the Society of Information Technology and Teacher Education.

William Finzer

William Finzer, Co-Principal Investigator
Senior Scientist
Concord Consortium
Bill has been developing educational software since 1978 when his father bought an early microcomputer. From the beginning, applications that engaged learners with data became his passion. Beginning in the 90’s, at Key Curriculum Press and KCP Technologies, with support from the National Science Foundation he led the development of Fathom, an environment for dynamic, interactive exploration of data, statistics, and simulation. His work with CODAP at Concord Consortium continues the evolution of Fathom, now as an online tool. In addition to leading CODAP development, Bill is PI of the Data Science Games project. His mission is to get more students and teachers in more schools in more subject areas learning more with data.

scaseyStephanie Casey, Co-Principal Investigator
Associate Professor of Mathematics Education
Mathematics Department, Eastern Michigan University
Stephanie Casey is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at Eastern Michigan University. She obtained her Ph.D. in mathematics education from Illinois State University in 2008. Her research focuses on teacher knowledge for teaching statistics at the middle and secondary levels, motivated by her experience of teaching secondary mathematics for fourteen years.

Rick HudsonRick Hudson, Co-Principal Investigator, Chair and Associate Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics, University of Southern Indiana
Rick began his career as a high school math teacher and currently teaches content and methods courses for preservice and inservice K-12 teachers of mathematics. He has collaborated on a number of long-term professional development projects throughout the state of Indiana. His scholarly work focuses on issues in teacher education and the teaching and learning of data analysis and statistics, particularly in environments with dynamic data software. He currently is a chair of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Publishing Committee and serves on the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators Program Committee. He received the 2016 Pott College Excellence in Teaching Award at the University of Southern Indiana.

sfreemanSherry Freeman, ESTEEM Evaluator
Senior Research Scholar
Friday Institute Research and Evaluation
Sherry is a Senior Research Scholar at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. Her professional interests center on the development and evaluation of innovative uses of technology to support teaching and learning. Recent professional experiences include the design, development, and evaluation of MOOCs for educators and online communities of practice, as well as numerous STEM curriculum and professional development initiatives. Before coming to the Friday Institute, Sherry had extensive experience as a curriculum developer. At the JASON Foundation for Education, Sherry served as Senior Curriculum Developer for online mathematics professional development courses for teachers. Through her work at Education Development Center in Newton, MA, Sherry developed, implemented, and evaluated numerous technology-enhanced mathematics curriculum projects and professional development programs.


Expert Consultants

  • Dr. Dustin Jones, Sam Houston State University
  • Dr. Robert Gould, University of California Los Angeles
  • Christine Franklin, ASA K-12 Ambassador
  • Dr. Susan Peters, University of Louisville



  • Dr. Hollylynne Lee, Principal Investigator
  • Dr. Gemma Mojica, Research Associate
  • Christina Azmy, Graduate Assistant


This pronsf3ject is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. DUE 1625713 awarded to North Carolina State University. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed herein are those of the principal investigators and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.