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concord consortium

In February 2017 over 100 thoughtful leaders from organizations around the U.S. and four continents generated innovations in technology, and teaching and learning at the Concord Consortium’s first Data Science Education Technology conference. We continue to gather thought leaders in data science education through a series of webinars and informal meetups at conferences.

We encourage anyone interested in data science education to attend these free webinars coming up this semester.  If you aren’t able to attend the webinars they will be available to view after.

Speaker:  William Finzer – January 16, 2017:  12 – 1:50 PM EST

Speaker:  Tim Erickson – February 12, 2017:  12 – 1:50 PM EST

Speaker:  Steven McGee – March 28, 2017:  12 – 1:50 PM EST

Speaker:  Dan Damelin – April 26, 2017:  12 – 1:50 PM EST

For past webinars in 2017 check out The Concord Consortium webpage on Data Science Education Meetups here.