NC State

LeeNCCSM presentation

In January, Hollylynne Lee shared information about how to teach statistics and data science concepts in high school using large data sets. The NC School of Science and Mathematics faculty annually hosts the Teaching Contemporary Mathematics conference that attracts teachers from across the country.  

In Lee’s invited presentation, which she did twice, she highlighted her goal of increasing opportunities for learning within the existing statistics curriculum by focusing on the role and importance of data,  tools and tasks in statistics instruction.  To illustrate her core design principles she showed participants how to use CODAP for analyzing large multivariate data and to use the new Sampler feature in CODAP to randomly select cases from a collection of data. She engaged the audience in thinking about what knowledge and skills are needed for doing data science and statistics.  This handout provided to participants includes all the links used during the presentation to explore the data.  

The following link provides access to the Powerpoint presentation.