NC State

The 22nd annual Association of Mathematics Teachers Educators (AMTE) Conference was held February 8 – 10, 2018 in Houston, Texas. Members of the HIRiSE team had the chance to present throughout the conference.

Before the conference started, on Wednesday February 7th, a workshop was held for instructors who had applied to serve as field testers for the ESTEEM project. (More information about the ESTEEM project can be found here.) During the all day  workshop, participants learned how to use CODAP (Common Online Data Analysis Platform), an open-access tool for investigating data, and discussed critical issues around teaching statistics to preservice teachers. Participants were also introduced to the project’s e-modules and learned how to implement the first e-Module entitled “What is Statistics and How Should We Teach It?”. The workshop was led by HIRiSE members Hollylynne Lee, Gemma Mojica, and Christina Azmy as well as Co-Prinicipal Investigators of the ESTEEM project Rick Hudson of the University of Southern Indiana and Stephanie Casey of Eastern Michigan University.

Hollylynne Lee and Stephanie Casey look on as participants engage in workshop.

Hollylynne sharing the ESTEEM Moodle page.

Rick Hudson and Christina Azmy sharing their experience using the first e-Module with students.










Members of the HIRiSE team also presented during the following sessions:

  • Designing Effective Professional Development in an Online Environment to Support Teachers’ Learning – presented by Hollylynne Lee, Gemma Mojica, and Jennifer Lovett
  • Early Career Mathematics Teachers’ Use of Technology to Teach Mathematics – presented by Karen Hollebrands, Allison McCulloch, Asli Mutlu and Taylor Harrison

Taylor Harrison presenting during his session.

The final day of the conference members of the HIRiSE team along with other presenters held an extended session titled Activities that Support the Statistical Education of Teachers. Participants engaged with research-based materials designed for preparation to teach statistics in grades 6-12. The presenters each led stations that focused on topics including technology, videocases, statistical investigations, task analysis, mathematical and statistical practices, and learning trajectories. The presenters were Hollylynne Lee, Christine Annette Franklin (American Statistical Association), Stephanie Casey, Rick A. Hudson, Anna E. Bargagliotti (Loyola Marymount University), Gemma Mojica, Christina Azmy, Jere Confrey (North Carolina State University), and Meetal Shah (North Carolina State University).  

Conferences are a great opportunity for us to share what we’re doing in the field of statistics education as well as learn about what is being done at other institutions.