NC State

On Friday, April 6, 2018, several students from the HIRiSE Team participated in a poster presentation at the annual STEM Education Graduate Research Symposium at NC State. This is an opportunity for graduate students to showcase the work they are doing as doctoral students as well as see what other students are researching. This research symposium also serves as an Open House for prospective doctoral students to see the exciting research doctoral students are engaged in during their time at NC State. Five doctoral students from the HIRise team presented research in statistics education done under the guidance of their advisor, Dr. Hollylynne Lee.

Asli Mutlu presented on her progressive pilot study titled Framework for an Analysis of AP Statistics Textbooks in Inferential Reasoning. Mutlu’s study presents a framework she will use in analyzing textbooks used in AP Statistics classrooms. While many textbook analyses exist for statistics her analysis will specifically address inferential reasoning concepts that are introduced in AP Statistics classes.



Taylor Harrison’s and Christina Azmy’s (not pictured) poster was titled Online Learning Experiences and Impact on Statistics Education Perspectives. In this qualitative study, they used discussion forum data and lesson plans from an online course on teaching mathematics and statistics with technology in order to examine participants’ statistics education perspectives. Participants’ perspectives are described in five broad categories of the nature of statistics, features of a good statistical task, learning statistics, the practice of teaching statistics, and role of technology in statistics education. Some of their expressed perspectives were included in their lesson plans, some were found to be missing.


Ruijie He’s poster presentation titled Developing the practical knowledge and skills of mathematics teacher showcases work done in his home country of China. The poster is about a program in China. This program goals are in developing mathematics teachers practical knowledge and skills to enhance their classroom instruction. The content appeared in the poster is the first step of the whole program.


Heather Barker’s poster presentation was titled Identifying Discussion Board Behaviors of Actively Engaged Course Completers in Two Successive Statistics Education MOOCs. This research explores the discussion forum behavior of a critical case of seven actively-engaged course completers in two successive statistics education MOOCs. Analysis used codes to describe the focus and learner actions in 223 posts to investigate emerging patterns of discourse behaviors over the two MOOCs. A shift in the focus of the discussions and discourse behavior was evident.


Being able to share the work that is being done by members of the HIRiSE team is an important part of our mission. This was a great evening to showcase all the hard work being done to further research in statistics education.

From left to right: Ruijie He, Hollylynne Lee, Heather Barker, Taylor Harrison, Emily Elrod, and Asli Mutlu