NC State

The HI-RiSE team was excited to welcome Ruijie He on to the team in August 2017. Ruijie is a doctoral student in mathematics education of East China Normal University, and an international visiting student in STEM Education Department of NCSU. Ruijie has obtained a B.S. in mathematics from Jiangsu Normal University in China. His research interests include statistics education and math teachers’ education.

On May 16, 2018 He gave a talk titled “Enhancing Chinese Math Teachers’ Statistical Teaching Practices:
Inspiration from My Visiting Experience” at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. (Click here for a link to his presentation.) During his presentation He shared curriculum and pedagogical techniques of math education in China. He also shared how professional development is traditionally conducted in China.

Ruijie He presenting at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation.

He’s presentation then turned to what he has learned about statistics education and teacher professional development while working with different research endeavors through the HI-RiSE team under the direction of Dr. Hollylynne Lee. During his time in the United States He has learned many different aspects in statistics education he hopes to share in his home country including the difference between mathematics and statistics, developing statistical habits of mind, using technology in statistics education, and professional development through online platforms.

Ruijie He and NCSU Advisor Dr. Hollylynne Lee showing Wolfpack Pride!

Though He learned a lot while he was a visiting student, the student in NC State’s STEM Education Department and on the HI-RiSE team also learned a lot about how statistics is taught in China. Hopefully a collaboration can continue between He and the HI-RiSE team to help further research in statistics education in the United States and China. He ended his presentation by announcing that the 14th International Congress on Mathematical Education will be held at his home university, East China Normal University in Shanghai from July 12th to July 19th, 2020! Hopefully we’ll hear all about the great research he has to present during that conference.

Ruijie He (back row, third from left) next to Dr. Hollylynne Lee and Dr. Gemma Mojica (center front) with NC State STEM Education doctoral students.