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Dr. Hollylynne Stohl Lee, HI-RiSE Director
Professor of Mathematics and Statistics Education
STEM Education Department, NC State University

Hollylynne’s work focused on statistics education began with developing the Probability Explorer software and conducting research on learners’ ability to reason about probabilistic phenomena through a simulation approach. Her current work focuses on preparing teachers of statistics to use innovative approaches and powerful technology tools to engage learners in building statistical understandings, particularly through the design and implementation of online professional learning environments. Her work has led to numerous books, research publications, and awards. In 2013 she was named a NC State University Faculty Scholar, and in 2014 received an Alumnae Association Outstanding Teacher award. She is a two time awardee of the National Technology Leadership Initiative Fellowship (2002, 2012), co-sponsored by the Association of Mathematics Teacher Education [AMTE] and the Society of Information Technology and Teacher Education.

gemma mojicaDr. Gemma F. Mojica, Research Associate
Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
Gemma’s current work focuses on instructional design, content development and research for the Institute’s current series of Mathematics MOOC-Eds, focusing on teaching with technology and teaching statistics. She earned her B.S. in Mathematics at East Carolina University, and she earned her M.S. and Ph.D. in Mathematics Education, with a minor in Statistics, from NC State University. Her previous professional experiences include teaching mathematics at rural and urban secondary public schools in North Carolina. She has also taught mathematics methods courses and mathematics content courses for elementary and secondary prospective and practicing teachers, as well as other mathematics education courses for both undergraduate and graduate students. Her research interests include designing and exploring the types of experiences in teacher education and professional development that support teachers in creating learning environments that supports students’ mathematical thinking.

MeHeather Barker, Graduate Research Assistant
Doctoral Student in Mathematics and Statistics Education
STEM Education Department
Heather is a doctoral student in mathematics and statistics education.  Prior to starting the doctoral program, Heather taught for ten years in a combination of high school, community college, and undergraduate university math classes in rural North Carolina, with a focus on quantitative literacy and statistics.  Heather has obtained a Master of Arts in Pure Mathematics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a BS in Mathematics from Meredith College with a minor in Religion and Chemical Physics.  Her research interests including professional development and training of pre-service and in-service statistics teachers.

taylor harrison squareTaylor Harrison, Graduate Research Assistant
Doctoral Student in Mathematics and Statistics Education
STEM Education Department
Taylor is a doctoral student in mathematics and statistics education. Prior to starting the program, he taught undergraduate mathematics and statistics for three years. Taylor obtained an M.S. in Mathematics Education from North Carolina State University and a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina. His research interests include statistics education and the use of technology in the mathematics classroom.

Asli Mutlu, Graduate Teaching Assistant
Doctoral Student in Mathematics and Statistics Education
STEM Education Department
Asli has her Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering, Bogazici University from Turkey. Her degree in Master of Science was in Math Education at NCSU and currently, she is a second year PhD student in STEM Ed, Mathematics and Statistics education program at NCSU. She is a product of the public school and university system and she strongly believes every student deserves an exceptional education regardless of their background. Making mathematics and statistics education an empowering experience for all prospective teachers and students is her passion. Her professional interests also include activity based instruction using technology, teaching and learning in statistics with open software and textbooks.

Hamid Reza Sanei, Graduate Research Assistant
Masters Student in Mathematics and Statistics Education
STEM Education Department
Hamid is an MS student in Mathematics Education program at the STEM department, College of Education. Prior to that and joining the team, he has been teaching statistics for  a total of 6 years as a Teaching Assistant at the Isfahan University of Technology(2012-2014), Teacher at the Isfahan Mathematics House(2012-2018), and also as a high school Teacher of Statistics(2014-2015). At Isfahan Mathematics House, he was responsible for teaching elementary, middle, and high school students and teachers statistics. He also assisted them to become more familiar with statistics and its concepts by using technologies, games, and other methods. Hamid has also worked in manufacturing as a data analyst, quality assurance engineer, and statistical consultant for 3 years.

Former HI-RiSE Graduate Students

Kemal Akoglu, Boğaziçi University

Christina Azmy, Catawba College

Ruijie He, Chinese Normal University

Jennifer N. Lovett, Middle Tennessee State University

Victoria Woodard, University of Notre Dame