NC State

Activities to Support the Statistical Education of Teachers

Session presented at Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators
February 10, 2018
8:00am to 9:45am, Westin Galleria II
Organizer: Hollylynne Lee
Station Leaders: Christina Azmy, Anna Bargaliotti, Stephanie Casey, Jere Confrey, Christine Franklin, Rick Hudson, Gemma Mojica, Meetal Shah
Link to the presentation slides

Station 1:  Exploring large, multivariate data with a free online data analysis software CODAP

Station Leader – Stephanie Casey

Station 2:  Access to and use of video cases documenting statistical instruction and student thinking about statistical tasks

Station Leader – Rick Hudson

Station 3:  A framework about supporting Students’ Approaches to Statistical Investigations

Station Leader – Gemma Mojica

Station 4:  Statistical task analysis, including what makes a good statistical task and task sorts

Station Leader – Christina Azmy

Station 5:  The CCSS-M Standards for Mathematical Practice viewed through a statistical lens

Station Leaders – Christine Franklin & Anna Bargagliotti

Station 6:  Formative Assessment Software that can assess middle grades teachers’ (and students’) statistical reasoning along learning trajectories

Station Leaders – Jere Confrey & Meetal Shah