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CODAP (Common Online Data Analysis Platform)

CODAP is a web-based, open-source tool which teachers and students anywhere can use for free.

CODAP (Common Online Data Analysis Platform) is a data exploration and visualization tool that he been enhanced and developed through the ESTEEM project in partnership with The Concord Consortium. CODAP is a web-based, open-source tool which teachers and students anywhere can use for free.

Designed with learning in mind, CODAP continues the legacy of the award-winning software packages Fathom and TinkerPlots. In the process, it builds on a decades-long legacy of research into interactive environments that encourage exploration, play, and puzzlement. CODAP is about exploring and learning from data from any content area—from math and science to social studies or physical education!

Watch this video to familiarize yourself with common features of CODAP.

CODAP Investigations

The CODAP website provides several example data sets that are ready to use for educators in the classroom. To see a full list of examples click here. The following example data sets were developed by members of the HI-RiSE team to use for the ESTEEM project.

  • Roller Coasters – Data on 157 roller coasters in the US that opened between 1915 and 2016.
  • Granola Bars – Data from the US Department of Agriculture about 33 granola bars sold in the US in 2017.
  • 2015 Vehicles – Data from a random sample of 300 vehicles manufactured in the US in 2015.

CODAP in the Classroom

The HI-RiSE team has had several opportunities to introduce CODAP to students in classrooms. Students that the team worked with were able to adapt quickly to using CODAP for exploratory data analysis. CODAP gives students a hands-on approach to data visualization that can help them make sense of data.

The pictures below are of middle school students exploring a data set on roller coasters.