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The following resources will examine the use of real data and technology in the statistics classroom.  Resources include examples of online technology tools and a collection of websites where datasets can be acquired for use in the classroom.

  Expert Panelist Discuss Data and Technology 

Listen to a discussion with the Expert Panel about how they have used the Census at School project data. The experts also share how technology can impact the ways students engage with data. Consider how the discussion resonates with your teaching practices. The book referenced by Chris Franklin in this video is Statistics, by Freedman, Pisani, and Purves. This link is to the 4th edition which is currently available.

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  Collection of Websites for Real Data

This document contains URLS and brief descriptions of 15 websites that are popular for teachers to download data for use in classrooms

  Collection of Applets for Statistics

This document contains URLS and brief descriptions of several websites that host collections of applets for teaching specific statistical content.

  Using StatCrunch for Investigating Lake Water Levels

This video shows Drs. Webster West and Hollylynne Lee discussing how to engage students in introductory statistics with investigative questions about water levels in a lake in Texas (USA). Dr. West illustrates and discusses how he and his students use StatCrunch for this investigation. You can download the Lake Travis data file in CSV format for your own use.

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  Investigating Questions About Cats with Tinkerplots

In this video, watch Drs. Susan Friel and Hollylynne Lee examining a data set of 200 cases of cats that includes measures such as weight and length, eye color, and gender. Dr. Friel explains how she has used this data set in TinkerPlots with teachers and students to examine and compare distributions. You can download a CSV file of the data, the TinkerPlots file, and a sample data card of one cat, Sasha.

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  Looking at Statistics with Year 8 students

Source: Gapminder

Watch how 13-14 year olds interact with the Gapminder software that displays multiple variables from a real world data set in a dynamic way. Think about how the context of the data and the multivariate dynamic display allows students to think deeply about world issues.

  Quantitative Reasoning in a Digital World: Laying the Pebbles for Future Research Frontiers

Author: Dr. Hollylynne Lee

This article provides an extensive description and review of related research for how technology affords quantitative reasoning and use of real data. It walks readers through multiple examples of asking and investigating realistic questions, using powerful technological tools for accessing meaningful data, visualizing data, creating models and simulations, and interacting with quantities with gestures and multi-touch environments.

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