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The following resources will examine the status of statistics education in schools.  Recommendations from experts regarding the teaching of statistics will be presented in short readings and brief videos.

  Statistics for All

Author: Michael Shaughnessy

Source: The Statistics Teacher Network Newsletter

In this 2-page article, J. Michael Shaughnessy, Past President of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics makes a case for why engaging with and using statistics may be the most important type of quantitative reasoning ability to develop in students. The article appeared in the Statistics Teacher Network newsletter and was first published online.

  Expert Panelists Discuss Statistics in Schools

Watch an informative video of the Expert Panel discussing what is statistics, why statistics should be taught at school and at the college level, and why we should use real data in teaching and learning statistics.

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  Statistics in Schools – Why Statistics?

Author: U.S. Census Bureau

In this video, produced by the U.S. Census Bureau, Host, Eric Newburger gives engaging answers to the questions “What is statistics? “Why should we study statistics in schools?

  The Difference between Statistics and Mathematics

Author: Dung Tran and Hollylynne Lee

Source: The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation

This reading can help you distinguish between two types of reasoning, statistical and mathematical. Consider how you might use the description to help choose statistical tasks.

  Calculations Aren’t Enough!

Author: Roxy Peck


This article discusses some fundamental differences between statistics and mathematics focusing on the role of data and especially the role context plays in making sense of the data and communicating results. The author then highlights the importance of communication in AP statistics and provides a rubric for grading open-ended responses and samples of student works underscoring the communication aspect of the responses.

  Mathematical Practices through a Statistical Lens

Author: Christine Franklin, Anna Bargagliotti, Catherine Case, Gary Kader, Richard Sheaffer, & Denise Spangler

Source: American Statistical Association

This chapter is an excerpt from the Statistical Education of Teachers document, released in April 2015. This chapter explains how the mathematical practices from the Common Core can be related to practices in statistics.

  Teaching Statistics Before Calculus

Source: TED talks

This brief video features Dr. Arthur Benjamin as he makes an argument why all high students should be learning statistics, rather than a curriculum aimed at calculus as the summit experience.

  LinkedIn Data Scientist Talks Statistics

Author: Deepak Kumar

Source: This is Statistics

In this video, a lead data scientist talks about the use of statistics in careers in data science.

  How Statistics Teaching Has Changed over the Last 10 Years

Author: Randall Pruim

Source: Amstatnews — The Membership Magazine of the American Statistical Association

In this brief article, Randall Pruim discusses how statistics education has changed over the past 10 years and shares his perspective on looking forward to prepare students to be data literate in a world of big data.

  What are Your Hopes for the Future in Statistics Education?

In this video, hear from the experts as they describe their hopes for the future in statistics education.

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  One Piece of Advice From Experts for Teachers

In this video, hear from the experts as they give one piece of advice for how teachers can improve their teaching of statistics.

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